About Us

Skletic was born on January 2018, when we were looking for inspiration and something to hold on to during those challenging times when your strength starts to fade in front of adversity.


Our little guy   is an old drawing from a 14 year old back in 2000 which caught our attention enough to bring him to life 18 years later and use it as our face to the world.


Cool… but what does it mean?

Skletic represents a group of 7 fighting elements for you to use to battle against stress, lack of motivation, or just anything that takes away your energy, good vibes or prevents you of living your life at its fullest.


Steady and Knowledge - Knowing who you are and what you want. Its and anthem of acceptance and appreciation of your existence. When you value yourself the most, you will be able to keep on growing on any circumstance and in a constant way.

Legit and Energy - Vibes don't lie. When you are capable of acknowledge your self-worth it will be shown to others. It’s something that you can't hide and you will share with everyone around you; we like to call this “Legit Attitude”.

Trust and Improvements- Energies, vibes and feelings always tell the truth, let them speak to you and trust them! They will keep you growing and going forward no matter what.

Confidence - self-respect, self-value, self-love, self-esteem and self-care will bring to you anything you might want.

“Live Skletic and show it to the world with Style and a Legit Attitude"

Our products were made out of pure enthusiasm of providing cool choices for you and your loved ones to rock! You can find shirts and different kinds of accessories to complement a SKLETIC lifestyle.

We promise to always keep you updated with cool, nice and stylish products..

"Confidence comes from being comfortable in your own skin, doing what you want while wearing what you love". RS

Be Skletic, #LegitAttitud